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3 3v voltage regulator - Buck Converter, DROK LM2596 Immersion Gold Voltage Regulator DC 3V-40V 24V Step-Down to DC 1.23V-37V 5V 9V 12V Volt Reducer Board 3A Power Supply Transformer Module
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3 3v voltage regulator - DROK DC Voltage Regulator Boost Converter 3-6V to 5-32V Step Up Volt Module Adjustable Positive Negative Dual Output
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3 3v voltage regulator - WINGONEER DC Motor Speed Control Driver Board 3V-35V 5A PWM Controller Stepless DC 3V 6V 12V 24V 35V Variable Voltage Regulator Dimmer Governor Switching Build with LED Indicator and Switch Function
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3 3v voltage regulator - HJ Garden 5A 75W DC-DC Buck Converter 5-32V to 0.8-30V/12V/9V/5V/3V Voltage Regulator Board Adjustable Large Power Step-Down Power Supply Module with Heat Sink XL4005
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3 3v voltage regulator - 12V to 6V Converter, DROK Car Power Converter DC 9V-22V 12V to DC 6V Buck Voltage Regulator 3A 18W Waterproof High Efficiency Step Down Volt Module Power Supply
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3 3v voltage regulator - DROK LTC1781 100W DC-DC Step Up Converter, 3-32V 3V 5V 12V to 3-35V 5 V 24V Voltage Boost Regulator Board 6A Switching Power Supply Module with LED Voltmeter USB Interface
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3 3v voltage regulator - DROK 5 Pcs DC Step Down Variable Voltage Regulator 36V to 24V 12V 5V 3.3V 3V Buck Converter Electronic Volt Stabilizer Car Battery Adjustable Regulated Power Supply DIY Voltage Transformer Module
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3 3v voltage regulator - Boost Converter Module, DROK 3pcs USB DC-DC Step up 3V to 5V 1A Convert Voltage Regulator Board for MP3 MP4 Phone Charging
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3 3v voltage regulator - Mobile Power Supply Board, DROK 2pcs Mini USB DC-DC Step Up Converter 3V to 5V 2A Boost Voltage Regulator Module with Battery Indicator for Tablet PC Phone Charging
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3 3v voltage regulator - eBoot Mini MP1584EN DC-DC Buck Converter Adjustable Power Step Down Module 24V to 12V 9V 5V 3V, 6 Pack
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